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Are you looking forward to discovering your true God-given purpose? Is there a burning zeal that drives you toward your destination? Would you want to live a fulfilled life walking in God’s purpose for your life? Are you frustrated with the direction of your life?In life finding one's purpose can be an overwhelming and more of a tiresome journey. Sometimes in life, you question your existence.


During your free time, you sit back, reflect asking yourself questions like, “Am I qualified? Who am I? Am I capable of living my dreams? Yes, you are! Here’s why? You were created in God’s own image. When God created you, he simply replicated his gloriousness, giving you the mandate to succeed. Think of it this way, no manufacturer will release a product to the market without a well-defined purpose or function. NO!


Each product is unique and serves a purpose. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, your role is to find your path, DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE.Truth Laced with Grace is a must-read 31-day devotional full of affirmations and scripture to help women from all walks of life realize their full potential and start to follow their path toward the greatness that God has planned for them. It is crafted to guide you to a better understanding of your identity, God's will, and His intended purpose for you as His unique creation.Each day is stacked with an uplifting affirmation paired with supporting scriptures to help you fulfill your ultimate destiny. The affirmations contained in each page will help you focus, help you realize that you are qualified no matter what, and will guide you towards fulfilling your destiny. Without a doubt, God has given you the strength to succeed. You just have to be personally committed to discovering this purpose, because no one will but you. Becoming a woman of purpose glorifies God and it releases you from the captivity of hopelessness and despair. Whether you consider yourself a strong, purpose-filled woman or are striving to be, this 31-day devotional will help to develop your strength and purpose.The time is now! Uncover God’s true purpose for your life.