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Leadership in Social Enterprise

April 6, 2017

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The Business World Is Awaiting the Next Generation of Business Women

April 5, 2017



 Today, technology and innovation have opened many new doors in the business world. Women are no longer hidden behind the phone and computer. They are conducting meetings, making decisions, managing, and proprietors of the company. Women have stepped up and out pursuing their dreams, visions, and aspirations.


The worldwide web has opened many opportunities for businesses to commence and function at all levels from a newborn business to an established one. It allows people from all over the world access and purchase your individual products and services. The worldwide web is also a grand tool useful in researching and implementing the correct business methods and plans for your company to achieve ultimate success.


In the past, large amounts of money were a necessity to starting a business. Depending on the type of business and its physical attributes, the web can be used for notification, advertising, conducting meetings, and strategizing at a much lower cost. There are tremendous amounts of websites that will assist you with your many business needs at a smaller cost than paying a large company to do it for you. Templates and computer programs make inter office activities easier than ever before.


It has been said many times before and in many different manners, that if you incorporate what you love into you career, success and happiness is attainable. What do you enjoy doing? What is your passion? What are your capabilities and talents? Everyone has different gifts and talents. Your gifts and talents can provide others with products and services they desire and that are essential to their everyday activities. You have the opportunity use your gifts and talents to not only provide for others, but provide a profit for yourself and create a means of giving back to others, the community, the environment, and the world.


Have you ever thought of owning your own business? Have you allowed fear and/or doubt to keep you from moving forward in the pursuit of fulfilling your dreams? Many people will answer yes to these questions. What you need to do is tell doubt and fear to take a seat, believe in yourself and step out on faith. The opportunity is there. All that is left for you to do is to do it. Believe in yourself, your gifts, and your talents. Allow your passion to become your business. The business world is awaiting the next generation of business women. Are you one of those women? Hope to see you and your business there.


~ Gina Erwin-Murphy



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