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Leadership in Social Enterprise

April 6, 2017

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Inspirational Women in Social Enterprise

April 1, 2017



What classifies someone as an Inspirational Woman in Social Enterprise? Inspired is synonymous with motivated, enthused, encouraged, and virtuoso. Social enterprises are businesses, companies, organizations, and establishments that utilize their profits to improve and upgrade society, the environment, and life as a whole.


Why should these women be recognized, identified, distinguished, and acknowledged? Business for many years have represented by the male face and prospective. Times have changed and women are no longer just at home, giving birth, in the kitchen, or taking on the roles of receptionist, secretary, and assistant. Women are now in the positions of boss, owner, founder, and CEO just to name a few. It was believed that women had no place in the corporate world and they did not possess the necessary talent to be the boss. Women have proved that myth erroneous and totally inaccurate.


Businesses’ number one ambition has customarily been to make a profit, become successful, and prosperous. Social enterprises have transformed that ambition into not just making a profit, but using those profits to assist others and not just the business itself. Social enterprises give back, restore, and aid those less fortunate, deprived, and in need of assistance as well as assist in the upkeep of the environment and society as a whole.


Women who stand in this position are prominent and their efforts demand recognition. These women not only transformed the myth of it being a man’s world but have shown how to utilize profits to show love and care throughout the world. These women are profound, inspiring, philosophical, and extraordinary role models. They show love through their efforts and accomplishments worldwide. Not only are they worthy of the recognition, they deserve it.  


By recognizing and profiling these women, their companies, and their contributions to the world, others can see for themselves who they are and find ways to assist them in their efforts.


I~WISE is devoted to spotlight “Inspired Women In Social Enterprise” and their companies generating the necessary attention to missions.


~ Gina Erwin-Murphy

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