• Lauren K.

What Is Your Heart Motivating You To Do?

It is a known fact that when your job encompasses your passion, success is not far off. When we do what we love and enjoy on a daily basis, we give it our all and do it the best we can. So what touches your heart? What situation would you love to help with? Is it human trafficking, homelessness, hunger, child abuse, saving animals, or something else? No matter what situation you want to help with and forward the cause of, you can do it through your passion.

What is your passion, talent and/or gift? Is it cooking, designing, or creating things? No matter what it is you can start your own social enterprise selling your talent and then use a portion of the profits to fund the cause that touches your heart.

Technology, innovation, and social networking has opened the door and made it possible and a lot easier to start a business. Suppose you enjoy making quilts in your spare time and people always ask can they buy them. You have the talent and the passion to start your own business. You can sell your quilts, take specific orders (colors, sizes, etc.), or even teach a class on quilting.

Suppose you love animals and want to help stop the mistreatment of them and provide a safe place for them. You can use a specific portion of your profits from your quilting business to fund animal shelters or even start your own.

The possibilities are limitless if you put your mind to it. You can thrive, enjoy what you do and assist the cause that touches your heart. No matter the passion or the cause, you have the ability to make your dreams come true, and help others. You can have your own social enterprise and make a difference.

The heart is a guide and doing what you love is a choice. You can work at a dead-end job that stresses you out on a daily basis or you can search your heart for what motivates you and touches your soul.



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