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Founder/CEO Charis Rooks Awards over $50,000 in Mental Health Coach Scholarships to Women

Updated: May 16, 2020

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Furthering your education is something that millions of people want to do but simply do not have the resources to do. Divorce Recovery Advocates for Women and Inspired Grace Media Productions (publishing division) recently awarded full tuition scholarships with scholarship funds provided through the Dare to Care Initiative. The scholarships were awarded to students to obtain their certification as a Mental Health Coach with a specializations in Trauma/Crisis totaling over $50,000.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has had a bigger toll on marriages and relationships across the country than anyone could have predicted. With spouses being forced into close quarters with one another for long periods of time issues that were previously swept under the rug have come to light and many have decided to end their marriages.

Founder of Divorce Recovery Advocates for Women and CEO of Inspired Grace Media Productions Charis Rooks felt compelled to apply for the scholarships in an effort to help prepare her staff for the potential influx of divorces and women in need of help. God had other plans however and allowed for the provision of scholarships to her entire staff, volunteers, outreach leaders, guest speakers, business leaders that have partnered with both organizations, and women that have shared their testimony with others through the publishing division of Inspired Grace Media Productions during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental health coaches are unlike licensed mental health care providers in that coaches do not diagnose or offer professional care or treatment for mental health difficulties and disorders. Coaches support any positive change, helping persons in professional care to manage symptoms, build support for recovery, and work on life goals such as relationships, work, and education. Mental health coaching is action-oriented with an emphasis on improving one’s present life and reaching goals for the future.

These scholarships will provide women not only with the knowledge and information that they need to help with divorce coaching but also provide knowledge and information on mental health issues such as trauma and abuse, suicide prevention, mental illness and character disorders, depression, anxiety, spectrum mood disorders, eating disorders, grief and loss, PTSD, Complex Trauma, addiction, and much more.

Students will begin classes online over the summer focusing on foundations of mental health, mental health coaching skills, and a range of mental and behavioral health disorders. Additional training will be provided that is geared toward helping others during the COVID-19 pandemic and potential future pandemics.

Additional Organization Information

Divorce Recovery Advocates for Women

Draw4Women is an innovative non-profit that works to help women from all walks of life recover from divorce with the help of guidance from scripture and the Lord. They offer retreats, workshops, conferences, mission trips, coaching and more to help women find their own path to healing and their new life after divorce.

Inspired Grade Media Productions

Inspired Grace Media Productions is a publishing company focused on helping to give a voice to personal testimony. They work to help publish the testimony of those that have been touched by God and feel that their story would help others and that it needs to be published. They offer a range of services from full service publishing to sales and distribution.

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