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Book Release Announcement!!!! Putting the Pieces Back Together After Adultery

Inspired Grace Media Productions is pleased to announce the release of Putting the Pieces Back Together After Adultery by Author Gina Erwin. Ms. Erwin uses her own accounts, personal experiences with adultery, and the Word of God to offer readers a unique 31 days of prayers and restoration.

Adultery is something that not only affects a marriage, it changes the people that are touched by it and the way that they see and experience the world from that point on. Adultery can sour things that you once loved, it can change the way you view your day to day, and it can make living life difficult and unfulfilling where you were once carefree and happy.

With the help of this unique devotional, you can start to recover and move on from what hurt you with the help of God’s word and enduring promise. This book is designed to meet the needs of women from all walks of life, from all stages of healing and was created with the unique experience of each reader in mind. No two experiences with adultery are the same and the book reflects that by giving readers the ability to choose their own path and make their own progress toward healing.

Each day you are presented with a topic, information from the author’s own experience, scriptures, sample prayer and a journal page that you can use that applies to the topic of the day. Adding emphasis, each page also contains an affirmation to help you move through the day and make the most of your healing.

For those that are struggling with the aftershock that comes from adultery, sometimes knowing that others have been through the same thing and come out stronger can help. With the Word of God and some reassuring words, anyone can recover from this turmoil and can start to live the life that they have always wanted.

Putting the Pieces Back Together After Adultery is not about forgetting your pain or putting it behind you, it is about growing from it and becoming the woman you have always wanted to be. This book was created with the reader in mind and with the hopes that with greater understanding you can use any situation to lift yourself up above the madness and the pain and become something wholly better and stronger.

Inspired Grace Media Productions is thrilled to have Ms. Erwin on our team and we cannot wait to see what healing her work will facilitate for our current readers and future readers alike.

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